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braodband connections As Internet speed increases and virtualization has taken on new dimensions, access to remote servers and data centers has become more and more viable. Cloud computing is accessing storage, resources and applications residing on a remote system by connecting to them through the Internet.

Traditionally, these resources are hosted on servers in the company's "computer room." The cost of maintaining these resources and the necessary level of expertise on staff in many cases has become daunting.

Cloud computing allows the hosting company to take care of all the technical aspects of the application including maintaining the latest versions, proper updates and data integrity such as back-up and data redundancy.

Cloud hosting companies are the technical experts of the application allowing you to stay focused on what you do best - growing your business!
  Cost of Cloud Hosted Services
  Access Fee Per User - Cloud computing has a single monthly access fee per user. This requires no upfront investment, can be modified each month and deployment is practically immediate.
  Cost of Traditional Computer Room Services
  Hardware - Servers are accessed by all employees in the company; therefore, they need have higher than average CPU, memory and storage. An average server can costs between $3,000 to $8,000.
  Microsoft Licenses - Windows Server licenses requires a license for the server, license for client and a PC software license such as Windows 7. In addition, there is the SQL database server licenses and in some cases a Terminal Server license.
  Application Licenses - Your application such as your ERP software requires a license for the application as well as client access license for the applications.
  Software Maintenance - Both Microsoft and your application requires software maintenance agreements to guarantee that you receive important updates, latest versions and technical support.
  Antivirus and Backup Software - The server will require antivirus software and backup software. Depending on the database, you may have to purchase special backup agents to backup the database.
  IT Staff - In order to maintain the Windows server, you need staff that performs the installs, updates, back-ups and assist with any technical troubleshooting.
  Reliability Costs - Although this is not as tangible as the other costs, it can become the most costly. Did you purchase a reliable server that will run for years without hardware failure? Will all this software run interactively with each other and not cause any conflict?

Is your IT staff as technically competent when faced with unusual circumstances and are they performing all these tasks without reliability? Often the answer to these questions come when it is too late.
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Tech Notes
bullet  Although technology is moving towards cloud computing, the present trend is to have a little of both. Some services still are better off in the company computer room, while some services are moved towards a cloud application.

bullet  What are present cloud applications? Email such as MS Exchange. Online Backup. Accounting and ERP applications such as QuickBooks and Sage.

bullet  Request expert consulting first before entering the cloud! Let Willis Consulting make sure that you have the proper bandwidth when connecting to applications hosted online.
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