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braodband connections Willis Consulting is an authorized Microsoft Partner and has the experience to make sure you purchase the right license and design your Microsoft Network to maximize capability and efficiency.

We are the most competitive re-seller of Microsoft license and in most cases can give you a complete quote the same day. All of our sales come complete with our experienced network engineering to implement your new server or application.
  Microsoft Server
Microsoft servers are the backbone of the business computing environment. Implementing full PC clients or thin clients using Terminal services, Willis Consulting gets your network stable, secure, backed up and versatile.

Microsoft Server 2008 and 2012
Microsoft Exchange 2010 and 2013
Microsoft SQL 2012 and 2014
Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and 2013
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Hyper-V
Forefront Server Security Solutions

Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, Domains and Trusts, VPN, Updates, Time Sync, Backup, Network Printing, Permissions, Remote Desktop, Virtualization, Security and Anti-Virus, Visitor Network Access, Applications, Databases and Collaboration.

Windows 8
Willis Consulting has IT Engineers who began their careers with DOS so we are familiar with any OS that you might have ... Windows 98, XP, 2000, Windows 7 and Windows 8. April 2014 Windows XP will join the ranks of Windows 98 and its predecessors as an unsupported operating system. Many companies are staying with Windows 7 but the future will be "touch" and the Windows 8 style of combining touch screen technology with the keyboard will become the de-facto platform.

Microsoft SQL Database
One of our strongest groups is our Database engineering. From FoxPro to SAP and SQL, Willis Consulting has the experience to assist with new applications or tapping into your ERP/MRP software database for reports and new applications. Willis Consulting has worked with many database platforms to add front end sales or accounting metrics using ODBC or database API's to minimize duplication and add capability and reporting to your company.

Microsoft License
To many businesses, Microsoft Licensing can become confusing. We work with your current position and also look towards future growth and get you to the right platform based on number of users, growth, virtualization and technology requirements. Our licenses are the most competitive in the business as we can provide even small businesses with volume open license discounts.

Remote Desktop Gateway Server
The most powerful tool on your network is built into Windows Server, Remote Desktop Gateway. Using this service, you can direct users to only the resources they need and at the same time give power users and administrators full access to network resources. Take your PC anywhere suing the service your desktop is the same at work, home or out of the country.

Licenses and Virtual Servers
Microsoft Licenses reward uses of virtual servers and desktops with more flexible licensing policies, ask us today how you can expand your network quickly and cost effectively.

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Tech Notes
bullet  Security. Out of date network devices and servers pose a greater security risk than updated equipment and services.

bullet  Expenses. An aging network will continually cost you more time and money. Let Willis Consulting show you how an upgrade can lower your total cost of ownership.

bullet  Growth Flexibility. Your employees will continue to be limited by old technology and begin to create work around that are unreliable and costly.
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