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Offsite Data Storage  
braodband connections Willis Consulting provides both off site storage of backup media from magnetic tape to USB drives to online backup solutions. Our facility provides a high level of security and proper environmental conditions needed for data media storage.

Don't store your back up data at the same facility as your company data. Emergency backup is essential to your company's viability in the case of fire or water damage. Backup to USB drive not only provides the speed but allows a simple method of off-site storage.

Online backup is a viable solution for today's business because including snap shots of your servers and complete backup of systems such as Active Directory or MS Exchange Storage.  First, a complete backup is stored at one of our secure facilites via providing a complete backup on USB drive.  Then speicalized software can add the changes to this backup to provide a complete daily backup with minimum data transfer over the Internet.
Willis Consulting provides a prompt, dependable and personalized service. We provide pickup and delivery according to your data rotation schedule; and emergency service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Cost Effective
We offer the most cost effective alternative for off-site storage. The only cost to you is a very reasonable monthly fee. You don't incur facility costs, transportation costs or labor costs.

Customer Service
We are committed to providing clients with the best service possible. You will receive personalize support from a team of dedicated professionals whose sole purpose is to manage an protect your magnetic media. We are sensitive to proper handling of magnetic media, the need for restricted access, and the vital importance of timely rotation and emergency requests. that is why you will find our staff to be courteous, knowledgeable, professional and responsive.
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Tech Notes
bullet  USB drives can backup a complete Windows server in less than 2 hours.

bullet  USB 3.0 has a fast 5 Gb/s transfer speed which is faster than most Ethernet networks. Back up time is usually bottlenecked by a standard hard drive read speed.

bullet  GFS rotation is a thing of the past. Grandfather, Father, Son backup schemes require multiple back-up media and sessions for restores. Each of theses adds a new level of necessary reliably. If possible, backing up at 100% during off shifts is the best.

bullet If your laptop is ever lost or stolen, you can select a "kill" command that deletes all the data the next time your laptop connects to the Internet.
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