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Internet Firewall Security  
braodband connections How confident are you about your company's Internet security? Let Willis Consulting perform a free assessment of your network's security and help you design the best most flexible solution for your needs.

Security is not limited to just your primary gateway to the Internet. Wireless access, user identification, access control and visitor connections all play a part. Securing your network while making the security transparent to your users ensures the best experience while protecting your valuable resources .
  Cisco IOS Firewall
Protecting your network's accessibility and your company's valuable data by guarding against network- and application-layer attacks, viruses, and worms. It protects unified communications by guarding Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) endpoints and call-control resources.

Microsoft Forefront
Replaces Microsoft ISA and provides enterprise-level security for your company having about 10 computers or more. You can help stop viruses from accessing or damaging your information while extending security across your business.

Security Tokens
Small devices that uses an algorithm that calculates a password based on the current time + a unique seed number. On the network is a server running the same algorithm using the same unique seed number and verifies the user based on the calculated password and a memorized password from the user.

Wireless Security
Secure you wireless access while allowing a wireless connection for you visitors. Hide the internal SSID, add MAC ID filtering or even more secure static IP addressing. WPA-2 is today's standard wireless security when coupled with TKIP and EAP that provides 1024 bit encryption. Don't allow your network to be comprised when adding a wireless router, let Willis Consulting help in securing your company.

Remote Access Gateway
Today's mobility requires employees to access company information from any where and any time. Using Microsoft's Remote Access Gateway is the most secure method for allowing employee to access network resources and virtual computers by using Microsoft Active Directory system policies, groups and user authentication.

VPN Site-to-Site
Willis Consulting has the experience to make sure your connections are secure and remain connected 24/7. Securely connecting branch offices to corporate headquarters using VPN routers and 3DES encryption, SHA-1 authentication and Group 2 1024 bit group identifiers.
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Tech Notess
bullet  Do you have visitors that need Internet access? Most wireless routers on the market today provides a visitor connection that keeps them separate from your company network but allows access to the Internet.

bullet  Visitors need to print? Adding HTTPS Internet Printing will allow secure printing across the Internet to your networked printers.

bullet  Are your wireless connections constantly being dropped? Most of the time this is a configuration error and not a hardware issue. Have Willis Consulting review your router's configuration to make sure it is 24/7.

bullet  Using remote access gateway you can specify which users have access to each specific resource on your network. Call today for more information!
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