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braodband connections Application programming can connect your company and customers like never before. Willis Consulting has the experience and technical expertise to meet the most challenging application.

Web based applications ensure all users are on the same version, require no software installations and can connect to your company's database such as your ERP/MRP database.

Secure login allows employees and customers access to sensitive information and update your work flow with real time field data.

Recent Applications: Job Costing and Variance Reporting (NCT), Inventory and Quality Metrics Collection (Exel / Goodyear), Inventory Change Requests (GEA), Visitor Building Sign in (NCT), Maintenance Schedules and Results (Health South), Sales Representatives Contact Information and Scorecards (Penn Waste) and Online Job Application (Finch Services).
Application Programming
Employees find a way to get their job done even without the proper tools. The problem is that each employee will go about it differently and this creates a lot of duplication of work. Applications often standardize how task are performs and combines all the data into one place that is shared by all.

Customers need help and without the right online tools, they will call you directly. This support expense can be minimized or completely eliminated with the proper customer application. The best start for a customer online application is to ask yourself the question: why are my customers calling me?

Database Intergration
There are two directions when it comes to data integration: data-in and data-out.

Data-out Applications simply reads from your company database and often combines data gather from the application to produce a table, report or other output. This is typically performed using ODBC connectors. Willis Consulting is experienced with a variety of databases including SQL, mySQL, Polis, SAP, FoxPro and others.

Data-in Applications usually involve interfacing with your ERP database vendors API. This is because any data entered is not simply saved but is processed through programming and can update several tables. Willis Consulting has worked with many vendors API including QuickBooks and Sage accounting systems.

When it somes to online sales of products and services and the general online sales venues are not what you need, let Willis Consulting design you a customized e-commerce solution.  We understand how to link to your product database, determine online sales taxes, caculate shipping, track shippments and update your system and inventory with each sale.

We are in partnership with Nationwide Payment Solutions for electronic credit card payment processing and POS integration using Paytrace or Authorize.NET
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Technical Lists
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Payment Solutions
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