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Willis Consulting of York provides professional services for the entire process of developing your business website from preparing your content to going live online.  Our experience can help you avoid common delays and frustrations by planning the process and making sure each step is completed correctly and in a timely manner.

Many companies are quick to register your domain and put together a template for your site before you are even decided on what your content is should contain.  We work with you each step of the way and can provide any service that is necessary to make this a successful and rewarding project.

Below is an outline of the necessary steps in developing a professional website.  Not every step is applicable to every company; however, each should be taken into consideration.

Preparing for your Website

  Professional Photography and Video
  Photo and Video Editing
  Logo Design
  Website Content and Professional Writing
  Flash and Other Multimedia
  Dynamic Elements

Creating your Website

  Domain Name Registration
  Website Hosting
  Email Hosting
  Website Style and Design
  Website Application Programming
  Database Integration
  Multilingual Site
  Login Accounts
  E-Commerce Functionality

  Shopping Cart
  Payment Gateway
  Product Descriptions and Pricing
  Sales Tax and Shipping calculations

Customer and Administrative Control Panel

  Utilizing your Website
  Cross Browser Compatibility
  Search Engine Optimization
  Website Audit
  Data Analysis and Interpretation
  Social Media
  Mobile Ready Sites

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