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Willis Consulting of York, LLC
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  Computer Science for Today's Business  
With every project, our approach is to utilize the latest technology in a way that meets project requirements and the company's budget. This is not only practical but has proven to be the best solution for many businesses.

Each variety of businesses today has applied computer science in a different way. Computers have moved out of the traditional "computer room" and into every aspect of business and on the road. To meet this need, you need to understand not only computers but how business works and how this technology fits into your ERP software.  This is what sets Willis Consulting of York apart from the rest; not just Information Technology but Computer Science for Today's Business.
Will Parshall
Owner / Principal Consultant
Will Parshall is the Primary Consultant for computer systems and services, databases and website development. His computer experience dates back to 1979 as a Math-Computer Science major at Shippensburg University. He spent twelve years designing automated inspections of nuclear reactor components for Precision Components Corporation (PCC) and eleven years as the IT Systems / Network Manager at GEA Corporation (GEA-FES). He has also severed as an Adjunct Instructor at York Technical Institute.

"We view each customer as an investment.  The more successful they become, the more successful we become.  Our business relationships are made with this mind set, technology must be applied in a pratical business sense with a focus on the future."
  Willis Consulting of York - Business Values
Willis Consulting of York is dedicated to providing professional services that assist companies to become more effective and efficient.  We are a member of TRAC, the global standard for baseline due diligence that traces assesses and shares baseline due diligence information on organizations.  Our business values are driven on four fundamental principles:

We assist with your technology decision making on your terms and are completely transparent with our business dealings. We work with your staff to create an open environment where both companies will become successful.

By design, we continue to keep on top of the latest technolgies and trends and understand how they can be effectively implemented.

We hire and associate only with professionals that hold to a high standard of integrity and possess the necessary skills to perform at a quality level. We value our employees as our most important company asset and the key to our future. We value our partnership with other companies as we work with them to provide equipment and services.

We view each customer as an investment of our time and resources and as such view each customer's growth as our own. We do not work for companies; we work with them with a single goal of becoming more successful.
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