Conversion of Percent Mole to Percent Weight

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Methane, CH4
Ethane, C2H6
Propane, C3H8
Butane, C4H10
Pentane, C5H12
Hexane, C6H14
Heptane, C7H16
Octane, C8H18
Nonane, C9H20
Decane, C10H22
Chlorine, CL2

Butadiene, C4H6
Ethylene, C2H4
Propene, C3H6
Butene, C4H8
Pentene, C5H10
Benzene, C6H6
Toluene, C7H8
Xylene, C8H10
Isoprene, C5H8
Styrene, C8H8
Water, H2O

Methyl Alcohol, CH4O
Ethyl Alcohol, C2H6O
Carbon Monoxide, CO
Carbon Dioxide, CO2
Sulfur Dioxide, SO2
Ammonia, NH3
Air, N2O2
Hydrogen, H2
Oxygen, O2
Nitrogen, N2
Helium, He


Conversion of percent mole to percent weight

Compound Molecular Weight Mole Percent Weight Percent

Composite Molecular Weight